Lupus – A Patient’s Perspective

May is Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus – A Patient’s Perspective 

Lupus is a rare disease that is commonly misunderstood Detecting, diagnosing and treating Lupus can prove challenging as the symptoms appear sporadically and many times seem unrelated. Patients that have Lupus face difficult circumstances as they “don’t look sick” yet our bodies are working hard to fight the disease.  The mental toll is exhausting trying to balance inward symptoms with outward appearances. With sound medical support, patients are more likely to receive the help they need.  After suffering from the symptoms and wondering why I didn’t feel right I was rejoiced to work with a physician that could properly diagnose and treat my Lupus.  It is wonderful to return to activities I enjoy and feel more like me again.   

Let’s spread the word about Lupus so we can educate people and find a cure. Wear purple and be visible for those of us that are constantly fighting this invisible disease. Although people may not look “sick,” remember that we are constantly fighting this invisible disease. We are sick of being sick!  If you experience any of the symptoms below, please talk to your doctor. There is help available.   

If you have questions, please give us a call at 469-436-3660 or schedule your appointment using our online scheduler.


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