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James E Race MD

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Geriatric care is a staple function for a physician who specializes in internal medicine like Dr. James Race, M.D. from Dallas, Texas. He supplies individualized care to his elderly patients designed to meet their specific and unique needs.

Geriatric Care Q & A

What is Geriatric Care?

Geriatric refers to elderly, so the specialty of geriatric care is the treatment of conditions that tend to occur as a person grows older. Elder management requires a combination of physical and mental screening and treatment. The elderly often experience changes in their body functions as well as mental decline. A geriatric care specialist takes both factors into account when creating a comprehensive program to improve the quality of life. The doctor may be involved in more than just medical treatments, too. He may make recommendations for advanced care directives and housing, as well.

What Health Risks to the Elderly Face?

Older individuals go through many physical changes that can affect their lives. Their digestion, for example, tends to slow down. They have problems seeing and hearing clearly and may have mobility issues. Conditions like dementia interfere with their cognitive functions, too, such as memory and decision making. Seniors may have chronic illnesses that require ongoing medical management such as diabetes or hypertension.

Geriatric care is a comprehensive examination of not only the body but of social and lifestyle choices, too. A physician that specializes in this service would discuss caregiver’s needs, custodial care, and home safety. He will look for signs of abuse or neglect and offer suggestions that help keep the senior under his care safe including the possibility of assisted living or long-term care.

Do All Seniors in Need of Geriatric Care Require Assisted Living?

Not at all; many reasonably healthy elderly people do fine living on their own with only minor family support. Assisted living offers custodial care options, however, for the senior who has trouble cooking, needs help dressing or a reminder to take medication. The assisted living scenario is right for a senior that needs basic help but not full-time medical care.