Benefits of Losing Weight

Losing Weight

It seems that everyone is trying to lose weight these days.  But, of course, there are many choices– the Paleo diet, the Keto diet, the low-carb diet, the low-fat diet, the high-protein diet, Intermittent Fasting, and so on. But why?  

Why do so many people want to lose weight?  Many people lose weight because they think it will make them look better. Others do it because they believe it will make them feel better. Still, others are losing weight because of health concerns. Each of these is a valid reason to lose weight. However, there are many benefits to losing weight.  

The benefits of losing weight are unquestionable. Weight loss can lead to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and lower risk of heart disease, to name a few. In addition, losing weight can make you feel better physically and mentally. 

The National Institute of Health recommends weight loss to help control blood pressure. In addition, they have found that increased exercise can reduce your blood pressure by 2-3.5 points and that following the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet can lower blood pressure by 3-5.5 points.  

According to the American Diabetes Association, even a modest weight loss can help control your diabetes. And according to the National Institute of Health, implementing a healthy lifestyle by making healthy eating choices and adding movement to your daily life will help keep your blood glucose level. 

A study by the National Institute of Health shows that losing 5%-10% of your body weight in 12 months can reduce your risk of heart disease. Losing more than 10% can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. For example, a person weighing 240 pounds could make small changes to lose just one pound per month and reduce their risk for heart disease. However, losing more than two pounds monthly would significantly reduce their risk of heart disease! 

But before you begin your weight-loss journey, make sure you discuss your goals with your doctor.  Your doctor will help you find the healthiest way to lose weight and support you as you reach your goals.  

Once you shed some of those extra pounds, you will have more energy.  You’ll be able to walk more often for long distances. Knowing you’ve lost weight can also help you feel better about yourself. Pull those old clothes out of your closet and wear them. It’s like getting a new wardrobe! 

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